Menstrual Health Education

In this 2-hour, online 'retreat' we will dive into how the Ayurvedic approach to health can drastically impact our health related to Hypertension.

Hypertension is...

Sign up to participate from your home online!   Sign up here, via our payment service Cleeng.  $60.  

(Contact us if you need a price reduction - we do sliding scale accommodations.) 


In this online workshop, we are spending a two hour block specifically on Hypertension.  We've created this both for individuals suffering from disease, as well as for health practitioners looking to better serve patients / clients.

To begin, we will be teaching a pranayam breathwork practice.  This will be taught by Joe "Gurubhai" and Victor Briere, Ayurvedic Doctor.


After a brief break, we will be back with Victor Briere and Madison Madden, both Ayurvedic Doctors who often treat hypertension and related conditions in their clinical practice.  They will first go over the Ayurvedic perspective on hypertension, and the pivotal points where you can adjust your lifestyle for healing.  Get your questions ready, because we will be taking them live!  We have the 'chat' feature activated for this retreat.  I will monitor the 'chat' during the retreat, so we can answer your questions in real time, and anonymously.  


Additional Note:

As a part of the retreat, you will receive a digital recording afterwards. 



Items you should keep handy during the retreat:

-  A yoga mat or blanket, and comfortable clothing.

-  Paper & pen.

-  Yourself, rested and ready to go! [note: We use all Zoom video security features on this retreat.]  


Your Instructors for the Workshop

Joe with gong - Small.jpg

Joe Rich "Gurubhai

Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Applied Consciousness, Ayurvedic Chef.


Jennifer Briere

Organizer of wellness retreats & education, and teacher of Kundalini Yoga.


Madison Madden

Doctor of Ayurveda, specializing in hands-on therapies and women’s health.


Victor Briere

Doctor of Ayurveda, specializing in pulse diagnostics, diet counseling, and the Vagus Nerve.