Online Academy

We have created live, online workshops just for you (view those by clicking here).  And we have also created the recorded versions of our programs listed below for the times when you can't come to the live sessions. 

If you don't see a specific program that you are interested in, then you can contact us regarding personalized individual and group retreats.


Menstrual Health Education - Click Here

Yogic Divine Feminine, a discussion - Coming Soon


Hypertension & Ayurveda - Coming Soon

Healing Lifestyle for Diabetes - Coming Soon

Healthy Weight and Ayurvedic Desserts - Coming Soon

Ayurveda  and the Vagus Nerve - Coming Soon

Instructors for our various programs


Madison Madden,

Ayurvedic Doctor


Victor Briere,

Ayurvedic Doctor

Joe with gong - Small.jpg

Joe Rich "Gurubhai",

Teacher of Applied Consciousness