Small Group Retreats

Learn Kundalini Yoga, and it's application into daily life.

Learn Ayurveda, and it's approach to lifelong health.

Touch base with the inner nature, to bring it forth creatively into the world. 

Whether you are a business person looking to bring forward fresh ideas, a health practitioner/healer looking to refresh yourself for clients, a parent looking to gain solid ground for yourself and family, or just looking for a holistic perspective on well being -- personal retreats can be the space you need.


Upcoming Retreats

Recent Retreats

Women's Four Day Retreat

Spring, 2017

This was a primarily silent women's retreat for Kundalini Yoga and meditation.  

Men's Reflections Retreat

Winter, 2016

So often, men are judged from a perspective of primitive, territorial success.  Much less frequently are we judged by wisdom or benevolence. 


You can expect a mostly silent weekend, rooted in the practices of Kundalini yoga and meditation.  Ayurvedic meals are prepared to fully assist in reducing anxiety and adrenaline, and feeding grace, wisdom, potency, and the intuitive voice.



This retreat is led by Joe Rich, and supported by a group of local men.  

Wise Women Retreat

Winter, 2015

Held in Ojai, CA

This retreat was created as an opportunity to gather, explore and celebrate the sacred and mysterious nature of being a woman.  Each day was semi-structured with yoga, meditation, movement, cooking, and art; time was available as unstructured to allow for silent writing and meditation.

Read Madison's I Have a Dream passage.

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