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See below, for details of our Previous & Upcoming group retreats.  We integrate the wisdom traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda & Environmental Education,  to create a holistic and practical approach to health and well-being on all levels - mind, body, soul, and environment. 

If you don't see a specific program that you are interested in, then you can contact us regarding personalized individual and group retreats.

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Upcoming Retreats


Digital Day Retreat - "Women's Power, and Women's Health":

June 6th, 2020

In this retreat, "It's all about the Women."  Whether you identify as female or are a supportive partner.  We will feature an online experience of sacred movement, a discussion on the Yogic Divine Feminine, & demonstrations of personal self-care.  

Topics in the Yogic Divine Feminine discussion include the perspective of feminine power in Yogic philosophy, the Lover-Beloved relationship, and more.

Topics in the kitchen demonstration include Food & Ayurveda for Women, Daily Routine and Lifecycles, tea combinations, and facial massage and herbal mask demonstration (and more).

During this retreat, Jen will field live Q&A from parparticipants.

Visit the "sign up" link below for the full details.

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"How to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle" Retreat


This five day / five night retreat in Begur, Spain will feature both structured lesson in Ayurvedic lifestyle, as well as free time to explore this coastal area.

Begur, Spain is located in the Costa Brava region on the coast, about just 1-1/2 hour from Barcelona.

This retreat cost is just $998.

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Previous Retreats  --  Including recordings for purchase

Digital Day Retreat - "Healing Lifestyle for Diabetes"

May 23rd, 2020

In this retreat, we will feature an online experience of yoga, a talk on Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes, & a special marma (pressure point) presentation.  

Yogi Joe teaches a yoga class focused on breath practice & kriya geared for those with diabetes pathology (suitable for all levels).  Victor Briere, A.D., and Madison Madden, A.D., will then give a talk about the underlying causes of diabetes according to Ayurveda, powerful lifestyle changes to manage then reverse the cause of diabetes, and the 'what/ when/ how' of cooking & eating.

Lastly, we'll head to our clinic 'treatment room' with Madison Madden, to learn a progression of points on your body that you can activate to increase pancreatic and digestive function. 

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New Year - New Start Weekend Retreat

January, 2020


This is a program we are offering for January / early February.  Groups can arrive Friday evening, and the program would end Sunday mid-day.

Groups would experience vegetarian/vegan meals, Ayurvedic lifestyle & medicine introduction, and Kundalini yoga classes each day.

Take a weekend getaway, and create your year with a boost of new tools in health & wellness.  Contact us for details.

Men's Reflections Retreat

Winter, 2017

So often, men are judged from a perspective of primitive, territorial success.  Much less frequently are we judged by wisdom or benevolence. 


You can expect a mostly silent weekend, rooted in the practices of Kundalini yoga and meditation.  Ayurvedic meals are prepared to fully assist in reducing anxiety and adrenaline, and feeding grace, wisdom, potency, and the intuitive voice.



This retreat is led by Joe Rich, and supported by a group of local men.

Digital Day Retreat - "Healthy Weight & (Ayurvedic) Desserts"

May 2nd, 2020

In this retreat, we will feature an online experience of yoga, Weight Management, and baking (Ayurvedic) desserts.  

Yogi Joe will teach a yoga class geared towards weight management (suitable for all levels).  Victor Briere, A.D., and Madison Madden, A.D., will then teach the approach to healthy weight management in Ayurveda.  For the finale, Joe and Madison will be in our commercial kitchen to teach you how ingredients impact your health, and how you can swap the ingredients in any recipe (such as butter, white sugar, etc) to make them healthier for you.

During this retreat, Jen fielded live Q&A from participants.

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Intro to Ayurveda,

One-Day Retreat

December 23rd, 2019


For this daylong retreats, we held the specific focus on an introduction to Ayurveda throughout the day.  Due to rain in our area, we had a variety of indoor activities for this goal. 


We hosted a yoga class first thing, an Ayurvedic + vegetarian cooking class with lunch served, a nature-sounds immersion with sound bath, some social time with Gualala Roast, and finished with a live mantra band performance.  The rhythms of nature align with the rhythms & 'doshas' within our lives.

People familiar with, and some unfamiliar with, Ayurveda joined this daylong retreat.

Wise Women Weekend 


Winter, 2015

Held in Ojai, CA

This retreat was created as an opportunity to gather, explore and celebrate the sacred and mysterious nature of being a woman.  Each day was semi-structured with yoga, meditation, movement, cooking, and art; time was available as unstructured to allow for silent writing and meditation.

Read Madison's I Have a Dream passage.

Digital Day Retreat - Ayurveda & the

Vagus Nerve

April 18th, 2020

In this retreat, we featured an online experience of yoga, Ayurveda & the Vagus Nerve, and vegetarian food preparation.  

Yogi Joe taught a yoga class focused on pranayam, and featured an intro to the yogic 'ten bodies' philosophy.  Victor Briere, A.D., then taught us all about the vagus nerve, its effect on our daily life, and how we can positively affect it for better health.  Lastly Joe and Victor together taught Ayurvedic meal prep from our commercial kitchen, using our coconut curry recipe to show how food can balance the vagus nerve & nervous system.

During this retreat, Jen fielded live Q&A from participants.


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Women's Four Day Retreat

Spring, 2017

This was a primarily silent women's retreat for Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

We held focus throughout the long weekend on the internal dive of knowing ourselves.  In knowing ourselves, we can succeed to have more fruitful and satisfying relationships with others.  Each morning, afternoon, and evening was filled with Kundalini yoga, guided meditation & journaling, Ayurvedic meals. 


Small amounts of time for sharing verbally were held in this otherwise silent retreat.  All women stayed in a larger home in Gualala for the four nights.

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