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I wish to thank all of the founders and teachers of Pacific Coast Yoga for their Day Long Retreat.  Thank you to the leaders, Madison, Jen and Raphie for wonderful organization and leadership that created a day of amazing and incredible nurturing.  Thank you to Joe for the Ayurvedic Cooking lesson and information and to Victor who determined our body “type” relating to Ayurvedic Medicine. A great way to experience aromatic, delicious food prepared and explore ways to live our lives to heal ourselves with digestive thoughts and food.  Thank you to the wonderful musicians who led the Kirtan and sacred chants. Thank you especially to the leaders who led conversation, asana and mediation creating a unified flow throughout.

I loved how this day touched and integrated physical, mental and emotional balance starting with introductions and intention and moving into asana, meditation, digestion, Kirtan and deeper meditation. All of this connected us to peace and beauty of out inner selves and outer environment of the natural world. The information and experience with Ayurvedic Medicine shared the philosophy of healing based on how we digest not only what we eat but how we digest our lives.  Altogether this was a feast for the senses and a time to dive into oneself and observe the balance of our inner and outer worlds. This Retreat gave us the opportunity to connect and restore this balance of daily living

and transform ourselves on all levels.

Thank you and Namaste


—  Sara Bogard, Gualala CA, USA